The Dapper Manual

How to tie a tie: The Half Windsor Knot

  • By Chisom Ekwonnah

The half Windsor knot is the smaller brother of the more popular Windsor knot - also known as Double Windsor or Full Windsor knot. The half Windsor is, just like the Four in Hand knot, a smaller tie knot. When compared to the Four-in-Hand, the half Windsor is a little thicker and a touch wider. Tie this type of knot for medium-width collar spread formal shirts.

  1. As with all tie knots: turn up your collar, unfasten the top button and lay the tie around your neck. The wide end of the tie should hang about 5-6 inches lower than the narrow and, and the inside of the tie should face your body.
  2. Loop the wide end of the tie thorough the gap between your neck and the necktie.
  3. Pull the wide end of the tie back over to the front. Pull it slightly tight. Then, take this end of the tie and wrap it back behind the narrow end of the tie.
  4. Then, wrap the wide end of the necktie back over the front of the narrow end. Don’t pull tight but create a loop at the front of the unfinished knot.
  5. Just like you did in step 2, pull the wide end of the tie in between your collar and the tie. Then, pull the wide end thorough the loop you created in step 4.
  6. Give the half-Windsor knot a final adjustment and turn down your collar.
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