Our Story

The Dapper Cats was birthed under the vibrant sunny skies of Houston, TX by Chike and Chisom. In October 2014, these young men were on their way to church and noticed that every Sunday, they took conscious effort; spending “ample” time looking natty for Sunday services. Of course, they knew looking neat and trimmed in appearance did not come cheap and so, they decided to create quality and stylish neckties, pocket squares, tie clips and other accessories for gents who love to look fashionable but for a very affordable cost. They assured that the tie or any accessory you choose will be right for any occasion you find yourself in.

At The Dapper Cats, we encourage style and not just fashion because fashion evolves and gets out of trend. Your way, your poise and your thinking reveals your personality. 

We design most of our products here in Houston, TX, and our goal at The Dapper Cats is to design the best of men’s accessories for the gentleman to be happy and look his sharpest - this venture is also our way of giving back to the world. Putting a smart and sharp look automatically boosts a man's confidence. There is value in simplicity and the little things, and the attention to these little details can tell you a lot about the focus of a man and how he thinks.


So Cats…be Happy, be Stylish, be Smart, be Classy, be Dapper and just keep it simple!